Craven's Machine

Currently, I am working on a first person puzzle collect-a-thon game about ghosts. Check out my development blog to see my progress on it!

Solo project

3D Voxel

A WebGL Browser version of a minigame from my current project, Craven's Machine. Try it out here.

Solo project

Gravity Block

In this arcade game, you are a speedy block traveling down a hall of obstacles. Swipe the screen to change the direction of your personal gravity, and tap the screen to shoot those obstacles out of the way. Travel as far as you can! Check it out here.

Solo project


Inverminator is a stealth/action game where your objective is to trap pests as part of your extermination job- and then release them into the houses of the people you don't like! Check it out here.

Timescale: 11 weeks. Team size: 5. Role: Programmer.

Eugene Extreme

A 3-D platformer in which you play as an action figure who needs to find their limbs. Controller required. Download it here.

Timescale: 4 weeks. Team size: 8. Role: Programmer.

Sewer Scamper

This game is an endless runner in which you have to avoid pipes and slimes while running from a wave! Download it here!

Timescale: 4 weeks. Team size: 4. Role: Programmer.


I participated in my first Global Game Jam! In other words, I worked with a group to make a game in 48 hours. Download it here, or watch footage of it here.

Timescale: 48 hours. Team size: 6. Role: Programmer.


My first Android exclusive game! A two-button action game where the title doubles as the instructions. Buy it here.

Personal project.

Flight of the Nerd

My first complete Unity game! This is a 3d bullet hell kind of game. How long can you last?

Browser (no longer works in Google Chrome)

Timescale: 2-3 months. Personal project.

Hop or Fall

Hop or Fall is an endless 3-D platformer in which your goal is to survive for as long as possible. Use the left side of the screen to move (much like a controller analog stick) and the right side to jump. How high can you get your score? Buy the Android version here.

Timescale: 3-4 weeks. Solo class project.


A mapmaking program designed for tabletop gaming. Download .zip here.

Personal project.

Grand Standhur

Platforms! Clocks! Owls! Everything you could ever want in this platformer I made with two of my classmates. Download here.

Timescale: 3-4 weeks. Team size: 3. Role: Programmer.

Mt. Exodus

Ski down a mountain and avoid enemies to try to get a high score! Download here. I made this game with two of my classmates at Becker before I transferred.

Timescale: 3-4 weeks. Team size: 3. Role: Programmer.

Inverted Valley

A project I started and never finished. It abruptly stops shortly after the 2nd dungeon. I'm still uploading it for my own reference, however, as the concept is neat and I may use it in the future. Download here.

Personal project.

Blasted Rectangles

I made this game for a college portfolio assignment. We were supposed to take one of three classic games (Pacman, Breakout or Donkey Kong) and redesign it, making it unique. Download it here, or play the flash version here.

Timescale: 3 days. Solo assignment for college application.

Velocity Blaster

This is an arcade spaceship shooter, with ten randomly spawning enemies, powerups and three bosses. There's no fire button- you will shoot automatically. Just concentrate on aiming and dodging enemy attacks. The flash version is functional for the most part, but one of the obstacles is invisible, which is unfortunate. Download it here, or play the flash version here.

Personal project.


A top-view shooter minigame in which your weapon changes unpredictably and you're faced with increasingly difficult swarms of enemies. Download it here, or play the flash version here. Alternatively, you can watch a recording of it here.

Personal project.

2-D Voxel

A top-view spaceship shooter with 9 levels (each with a boss), 8 enemy types and four ship attributes to upgrade. Download it here.

Personal project.